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PHONE: +92 333 0622676, +92 301 7390108, +92 345 5427108
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Address: Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi


Email: [email protected]

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کھوجی کتوں کی خدمات کيلۓ مزيد لنک ديکھۓ ۔ -پورے پاکستان ميں کسی بھی جگہ کھوجی کتوں کی خدمات کيلۓ رجوع کريں -پاکستان ميں ہر جگہ ہر نسل کے کتوں کی خريد و فروخت کے لئے بھی ھم سے رابطہ کريں Dogs are trained from the Army Dog Centre. Our Services are available round the clock (24/7) in all major cities of Pakistan. Dogs are trained to assist detectives in theft, murder, kidnapping etc. On your call, we will reach to you at the earliest.

Contact Numbers in major Cities:
  • You can call any number for detective dog services all over Pakistan.
+92 333 0622676 Quetta
+92 314 3072219 Peshawar
+92 345 5427108 Rawalpindi
+92 314 3072219 Multan
+92 345 7517919 Lahore
+92 314 3072219 Bahawalpur
+92 311 6416907 Faisalabad
+92 300 0590823 Sialkot
+92 345 4499311 Jhang
  • Feel free to call us or send an online inquiry through this page to find out details about our services.


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