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  • Looking for a job? Get a skill first and then getting job is not a problem. We offer skilled based diploma courses in following disciplines:

    • Medical,

    • Nursing,

    • Lab Technician,

    • Medical Technician,

    • OT Technician,

    • Dispenser,

    • Civil,

    • Electrical,

    • Mechanical,

    • Electronics,

    • Computer,

    • Vocational,

    • Oil & Gas,

    • Safety Officer,

    • Banking,

    • Fashion & Media,

    • Marketing,

    • Management etc. etc.

  • International Institute of Technical Training Center is registered with Government of Pakistan at Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). We will help our students to get jobs in following countries:

    • Pakistan

    • Dubai

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Kuwait

    • Qatar

    • Bahrain

We send job alerts to all our students till they get the job.


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