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Address: 15 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Yonkers, New York 10701, New York, USA


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At Prime American Trade & Consultancy USA (PATCUSA), we aim to provide the very highest levels of services. Our objective is to help companies and entrepreneurs in the process of integration to digital technologies.

We want you to always be 100% satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our services.

We facilitate our customers by providing solutions that simplify their business process and make it a successful experience.

PATCUSA link your business management systems with its reliable and cost-efficient web and mobile solutions.

We develop your ideas and improve your processes. We help you to beef up your sales channels, increase your customers and improve your business experience with innovative solutions that add value.  Under this principle, we design and build custom applications, business strategies, recruit visual staff, and provide cost-effective solutions to optimize processes, increase sales or improve customer relationships, while generating a unique user experience.

Our wide range of services are broadly grouped under the following categories:

  • Consultancy Services
  • IT Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Design Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Other Services
    • Virtual Staffing
    • Online Marketing
    • Strategy Building
    • Marketing Research
    • Data Mining

Business Consultancy Services by Pak American Trade & Consultancy USA (PATCUSA) are broadly divided into the following two areas: Market Consultancy Services IT Consultancy Services Market Consultancy Services Professional consultancy s Read more


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