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PHONE: +92 300 7413639, +92 42 35408416, +92 42 35408419, +92 42 35408421
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Address: 71-A Jail Road, Lahore


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  • Sadaqat Clinic is the leading organization for addiction management, treatment, education and counseling in Pakistan. We are the pioneer in addiction treatment and have the best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree, and Islamabad.
  • Sadaqat Clinic has over four hundred employees, including a team of sixty professionals which comprises of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical specialists and addiction counselors involved in research and education. They collaborate with each other within the Institute to ensure addicts receive the best possible care.
  • Our professionals not only treat the addiction but also work on enhancing the lifestyle of their clients.
  • We focus on what we call the change counseling, to bring peace and serenity in the lives of those who have been suffering in silence, because of a family member’s addictive behavior.
  • Our centers of Sadaqat Clinic are providing complete indoor treatment services.
  • This Institute operates on the belief that the key to success in addiction treatment is making the addict emotionally strong with disease education and lifestyle change.
Contact Numbers of Sadaqat Clinic
  • 71-A Jail Road, Lahore. Phone: +92 42 35408416, +92 42 35408419, +92 42 35408421, +92 300 7413639, +92 322 7413639
  • Don Leith, Cart Rd, Murree. Phone: +92 51 3411702, +92 51 3411707, +92 333 5290889
  • 1-A-1/29, Block 1 Nazimabad, Karachi. Phone: +92 21 36617712, +92 314 6865271
  • Email: [email protected]
  • G-6/1, Saddar Road, Islamabad. Phone: +92 334 5145145


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