Shraise Power Company – Block 12, Gulberg Town, FB Area, Karachi

PHONE: +92 21 36367572, +92 345 2192161
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Shraise Power Company

Address: B-37, Block-12, Gulberg Town, FB Area, Karachi


Email: [email protected]

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  • Shraise Power Company is a leading organization under the team management of leading engineers since 2006.The team and management worked day and night to serve the nation and plays a vital role in the industry of LED lights, Generators & Solar Systems by providing the top leading brands and establishing its own brand in the local market of Pakistan.
  • We know the value of our clients by relatively satisfying with our performance and we are happy to provide them a satisfied job because our slogan is “FEEL PROUD TO SERVE YOU".
Our Nationwide Network
  • Company Outlet : B-37, Block-12, Gulberg Town, FB Area, Karachi
  • Houtex Technologies : Mr. Ameer Hussain, +92 333 3325625, +92 300 8404506; Email : [email protected]
Rawalpindi / Islamabad
Mr. Faheem Ahmed, High Court Road, Rawalpindi. Phone : +92 300 5275177, +92 300 6661443
Mr. Raza. 321 8871939
Green Solar Systems. Mr Abdul Malik, +92 333 3897741
Mr. Osama, +92 336 6511439


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